I skipped watching football for "A Star is Born"

We spent part of our Sunday at the movie theatre...I skipped out on watching football and chose to go to a matinee with my wife (+1 me) We went and saw "A Star is Born" (+2 me)  

BUT, I didn't do it for the points - I truly do love going to the movies with Patty - and I don't regret missing a crappy NFL Game for some true quality time and an outstanding movie.  Bradley Cooper was REALLY good, he's also obviously a great director.  But here's the deal - he was smart enough to convince Lady GaGa to accept the role of Ally in the movie.   This movie WILL win awards, but it will be a shame if Lady GaGa doesn't win an Oscar for Actress in a Leading Role.  Go see it.  And don't be try and be so manly that you don't let your emotions show...remember, the theater is dark enough that no one will see your eyes welling up with tears.



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