Gene Simmons Gives Out Jeopardy Clues

Gene Simmons, in full KISS regalia, presented the clues during one round of Jeopardy on Tuesday night.

Host Alex Trebek also got into the spirit of the day by dressing as "The Demon" in order to shoot a promo for the show.

One of the clues Simmons gave was to guess the name of the Halloween classic written by Bobby "Boris" Pickett, which of course is "Monster Mash."

On Tuesday night, during a radio broadcast in New York, Simmons led the other members of KISS, along with host Jim Kerr -- legendary New York disc jockey and an inductee this year into the National Radio Hall of Fame -- in an a cappella version of "Monster Mash."

KISS doing an a cappella version of "Monster Mash" Tuesday night in New York:

KISS Monster Mash

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