Good People Are Everywhere

A boy battling cancer had the best Halloween he could have ever imagined -- thanks to his family, neighbors and strangers from all over the country.

Four-year-old Carter McPherson of Orlando, Florida, loves Halloween. But the holiday came with some challenges for him as he is currently undergoing treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

His mother, Tiffany McPherson, thought Carter could use a lift to his spirits and asked some neighbors to send him a Halloween card to cheer him, which they did. They also spread the word on social media. Before he knew it, Carter began receiving hundreds of cards and gifts from all over the country.

Tiffany says he also receives about 10 Amazon boxes delivered to the house each day. She adds, "I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. I could not believe it! Not only is Carter smiling, but so am I. He has received the most awesome gifts that will last a lifetime." (People)

Carter's halloween cards

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