Stan Lee Wanted Bass-Wielding Superhero McCartney

Spidey guitar

Paul McCartney has appeared in numerous comic books, but never as a superhero. But he says that's what the late Stan Lee wanted to do.

He writes on his website, "I was lucky enough to meet [Stan]. He came over to my office and we sat around for a while chatting about comic books and my admiration for his work. Actually he was suggesting making a superhero who would wield a Hofner bass guitar. The guitar would have super powers, and we spent some time imaging what those could be. He had a great sense of humor and I must say the idea of becoming a guitar-wielding superhero in one of his comic books was very appealing. Sending love to his family and friends, and always holding happy memories of this great man. Love ya, Stan!"

Alice Cooper also chimed in, saying, "Apart from being a hero in the comic world, Stan was so much fun to be around. He had a regal air about him. He was gracious to his fans too -- he knew who he was to people and seemed to love every minute of it. Of course MY absolute favorite thing about Stan Lee is that when he had me drawn for the comics, it was with great abs. Thanks for that Stan!"

Lee died Monday at age 95.

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