Bus Driver Praised for Helping Homeless Passenger

A city bus driver in Milwaukee is receiving high praise for being the embodiment of the holiday spirit. 

Natalie Barnes of the Milwaukee County Transit System was driving her route and picked up a man named Richard, whom she has picked up many times before.

But on this night, Richard revealed to Natalie that he is officially homeless because the home he was living in had been condemned about a week earlier.

Since Richard had nowhere else to go, Natalie welcomed him to stay on her warm bus for the remainder of her route. And not only that, on her break she went and bought him something to eat.

At her next break, she contacted a community advocacy group, which was able to get Richard into a temporary shelter and is now working on finding him permanent housing. 

The bus company said it is extremely proud of Natalie and shared an inspiring video of her exchange with Richard. At one point in their conversation Richard tells her, "I don’t know what to say but to say thank you," and then offered to pay her back. But Natalie declined and told him, "I want to help you.” (ABC News

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