ROGER DALTREY: Beware of Social Media


Roger Daltrey says the message of The Who's 1971 song "Baba O'Riley" still rings true 47 years later.

Daltrey tells The Big Issue, "My younger self would have loved 'Baba O’Riley.' [The lyric] teenage wasteland speaks to generation after generation. The bridge -- 'Don’t cry/ Don’t raise your eye/ It’s only teenage wasteland' -- if that doesn’t say more about the new generation, I don’t know what does."

He thinks it may be even more relevant now. "The main advice I give youngsters is to be very aware of what you are getting into on social media. Because life is not looking down at screens, it is looking up. We are heading for catastrophe with the addiction that is going on in the younger generation. Your life will disappear if you are not careful. You are being controlled, and that is terrible."

But he's not completely sour on today's youth. He says he's inspired by the young people he's met through his charitable organization, the Teenage Cancer Trust.

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