How to avoid paying tolls...until you get caught!

We've got a few toll booths around here...The Wharf (from the Alabama side), Garcon Pointe, Bob Sykes...and all across the state of Florida.  This guy didn't feel he had to pay tolls, and used a "James Bond" move to block his license plates from the toll cameras.He was caught in action!

There's a fine line between being Q from "James Bond" and being a petty criminal.

There's a 70-year-old guy named Robert Davis from Key Largo, Florida.

And he installed remote-controlled black SHIELDS that he could roll down over the license plates on his minivan . . . so he wouldn't have to pay tolls when he went past toll cameras.

And Robert kept getting away with it until about a week-and-a-half ago, when an off-duty Florida Highway Patrol officer randomly spotted the license plate shields in action at a toll plaza.

Robert was arrested and charged with organized fraud and petit theft. 

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