Mark Knopfler On Rock Hall Regrets


Mark Knopfler tells us he has some regrets about not attending this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, in which Dire Straits got in:

Knopfler on not attending induction

And, it turns out that Mark's brother David, who was also in the Dire Straits lineup that was inducted, wasn't the only Knopfler who got a little fed up with the Hall's behind-the-scenes dealings:

Knopfler on Rock Hall

So, with all that, we asked Mark where he displays the statuette that all the inductees receive:

Knopfler on statuette

We reached out to the Rock Hall to see if it's been shipped, but have yet to hear back.

But despite all this, and that all the other members of Dire Straits received their statuettes, he says it's a "lovely recognition" and a "beautiful thing, especially for the fans."

Knopfler just released a new album, Down the Road Wherever

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