BRIAN WILSON New Documentary Will Be Different

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A new documentary on Brian Wilson will focus on his re-emergence as a touring artist.

Brent Wilson (no relation) is directing the film built from Brian's conversations with Rolling Stone magazine's Jason Fine alongside interviews with fellow legends Bruce Springsteen, Elton John and Bob Gaudio, as well as younger artists influenced by Wilson.

Brian says, "It felt like a good time to look back... I have so many memories in L.A. of growing up, all the good times with my band -- we were just kids when we started, and of course memories of my brothers Dennis and Carl, who I miss so much."

While Brian is often labeled as introverted and wounded, Brent Wilson says the film will come as a surprise. The director says he comes off as "eloquent, introspective and surprisingly funny... One of my goals for the movie was to find the real Brian Wilson... That’s because Brian is a myth. There are songs about Brian. People make paintings of him and create movies about him. He’s a myth, but I don’t think the myth is particularly accurate."

Expect the still-untitled film to be released in 2019.

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