JEFFERSON STARSHIP Lawsuit Settled With Former Member

J Starship

A lawsuit between former Jefferson Starship bandmates Craig Chaquico and David Freiburg has been settled.

The dispute centered on whether Freiburg, Donny Baldwin and other musicians who formerly played with the late Paul Kantner could continue to work using that name. A member of the band from 1974 - '84, Chaquico claimed that a prior deal allowed "only Kantner" to use it after the "Miracles" and "Count on Me" band splintered in the mid-'80s. Paul died in 2016.

Exact terms of the deal were not publicly revealed. The Jefferson Starship -- featuring Freiburg and Baldwin -- will tour New Zealand in January. They'll return to the States for eight February and March shows and before joining The Beach Boys, Tommy James, the (Sly-less) Family Stone and Gary Puckett on the Flower Power Criuse, which sails from Fort Lauderdale on March 30th. (Reuters)

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