Good People Are Everywhere

Earlier this year, Kevin Booth, a homeless man in Washington, stopped by his local food bank, in the hopes of grabbing some of the free baked goods that are left outside overnight when the facility is closed. Instead, the 32-year-old found a brown paper bag sitting outside the locked front door, which was filled with $17,000 worth of cash.

While most people in his situation would have likely taken the loot for themselves, Kevin knew the money would help serve hundreds of people at the food bank. So, the good Samaritan waited until a volunteer arrived to open the facility and handed it over to her.

After reporting it to the police and waiting 90 days to make sure nobody claimed the cash, the $17,000 was donated to the food bank and is now being used to finance a new walk-in freezer.

Kevin has been honored by his town for his act of compassion and a GoFundMe has been set up in his honor, in the hopes of raising enough money to buy him a van for shelter.

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