TOTO Steve Lukather Talks Streisand, Simmons and Starr

With Toto's 40 Trips Around the Sun tour heading to Australia next month, Steve Lukather is doing the rounds with media outlets Down Under.

The long-time session player tells that Barbra Streisand was "very professional. She was great. Wow, to hear that voice in the headphones. She was great to the band. She was rough on the producer but that’s her job. She was great to us. She was magic, man. She is a legend for a reason." Although he does admit, "Do I sit around at home playing Streisand? No! But it was late '70s session stuff and great for me."

On the other hand, working with eccentric fitness guru Richard Simmons was bad news: "Musically it was [crap]. It was a dancer-size music. It was before cellphones so I said, 'I've got to go out and make a call,' and I went out and went to the car and drove off and didn’t come back." He claims the Simmons session was the only one he ever walked out on.

While Toto is his band, he also loves playing in Ringo Starr's All Starr Band. "I’m going on year seven. He is one of the finest human beings you can meet. I love him. As an artist, he is one of the Beatles for God's sakes... I wrote two songs for his last album and Paul McCartney played bass. My Beatles wet dream came true."

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