BEATLES, DYLAN & SEGER: Among the Year's Best

Petty reissues

Archival releases by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Bob Seger and Tom Petty made Rolling Stone's list of the "10 Best Reissues of 2018."

The Beatles - 50th Anniversary White Album: "Three CDs of studio rehearsals and outtakes further explore the innovative, if divisive, energy of The Beatles’ most eclectic album."

Bob Dylan - More Blood, More Tracks: The Bootleg Series, Volume 14"Dylan’s elliptically confessional 1975 classic, Blood on the Tracks...[on] six CDs devoted to the New York sessions in September 1974 at which he initially completed that record -- until he decided to re-cut five tracks in Minneapolis. (They are here too.)... We know how the story ends. This is how he got there."

Bob Seger - Heavy Music: The Cameo Recordings 1966–1967: "In the late '60s, before he ascended to heartland-Springsteen fame, Seger was Detroit’s Jagger-Richards, scoring regional smashes with raw, thrilling originals ('East Side Story,' 'Heavy Music') fusing Rolling Stones–style R&B with Motown-style songwriting and Midwest factory-life attitude. Half a century, these 10 A and B sides from Seger’s teen-beat era -- including exuberant pastiches of James Brown and Bob Dylan -- are still among his greatest hits."

Tom Petty - An American Treasure: "These four CDs are the late rocker’s career in deep cuts... Issued just a year after his death, this set is a life lived in full, more than you knew."

And on Rolling Stone's list of the "50 Best Songs of 2018," Paul McCartney came in at number-eight with "Come On to Me" off of his last release, Egypt Station.

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