Geddy Lee's Book of Bass Out Today (Wednesday)

Geddy's book

Geddy Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass is out today. 

The 408-page book displays his collection of vintage bass guitars and includes interviews with John Paul Jones, Adam Clayton, Robert Trujillo from Metallica, Les Claypool from Primus and former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman.

Geddy Lee on the goal of his Big Beautiful Book of Bass:

Geddy Lee on book

The book is available in three editions: Ultra Limited, Luxe Limited and Standard.

The Ultra Limited comes with a silver tolex case with a secret compartment, a behind-the-scenes mini booklet, two Geddy guitar picks, a photo signed by Geddy, a printed set list from Rush's R40 tour, a set of bass strings in a custom vintage style box, a polishing cloth and, so collectors won't have to remove the shrinkwrap, a standard edition of the book. All the versions have a "Backword" by Alex Lifeson, which Geddy tells us is very funny.

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