LED ZEPPELIN: Til Death Did Them Part

Robert Plant says the death of John Bonham in 1980 has prevented him from taking part in a Led Zeppelin reunion, aside from the one-off performances they've done since then.

John's son, Jason Bonham, tells Billboard he went to a soccer game in England with Plant, and on the way back, he asked if there was a future for the band.

Plant told him, "I loved your dad way too much. It's not disrespect to you; You know the stuff better than all of us, and no one else who is alive can play it like you. But it's not the same. I can't go out there and fake it. I can't be a jukebox... When your father left us, left the world, that was it for Led Zeppelin. We couldn't do what The Who did. It was too vital."

So for now, the band's 2007 show in London is it while Jason works with his Led Zeppelin Evening band and The Circle with Sammy Hagar, the latter of whom will release a new album early next year.

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