Axl Rose' Video for First New Song in 10 Years

The official video for Axl Rose's first new song in 10 years is out now.

"Rock the Rock" is featured in the New Looney Tunes TV show, which airs on the Boomerang streaming service.

The episode with the song premiered on December 24th and features Axl asking Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig how to get to the Civic Center, where he is scheduled to perform that night with his band, Steel Underpants.

Axl is then told that an asteroid is headed towards Earth and he says his new speakers can "shake mountains to the ground." So, with Bugs on guitar and Porky on bass, Axl leads them through "Rock the Rock" and the destruction of the asteroid.

The Guns n' Roses Not in This Lifetime Tour used the Looney Tunes theme to open the show.

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