Worst Fantasy Football Loser Punishments

For many, the first weekend of the NFL playoffs was bittersweet. It was great to see deserving teams battling in hopes of getting to the Super Bowl. But… It was also a reminder that the 2018 Fantasy Football season is definitely over.

While winning your league -- or leagues -- is great, it’s not what’s most important. Everybody knows that priority number one is to NOT finish last because finishing last can lead to some seriously embarrassing punishments.

Here’s a rundown of some of the worst fantasy football punishments this season …

  • The Rollerblade Shame: This loser had to rollerblade 15 miles into New York City wearing a Superman costume and holding a briefcase. 
  • The World Is Flat: After the season, the guy at the bottom of the standings of this league had to find people to sign his petition that the world is flat. 
  • Stand Up: Finishing last is embarrassing. Having to perform at a stand-up comedy show is worse. 
  • Test vs. Tailgate: A league filled with guys in their 30s punishes the loser by making him take a college entrance exam -- while the rest of the league tailgates in the parking lot. (BroBible)

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