JOE JACKSON: Anniversary Tour, Album in 2019

Joe Jackson looks back and forward as 2019 gets under way.

To mark 40 years since his January 1979 debut with the new wave album Look Sharp -- and its hit single "Is She Really Going Out With Him" -- Jackson will release Fool on January 18th and kick off his Four Decade tour on February 5th.

Jackson tells Billboard he's never really fit simple definitions. "When I was 22, 23 years old in London in the late '70s, I was very influenced by what was going on around me...even if I was already overqualified to be a punk rocker. I was a Steely Dan-loving piano player. And I was interested in jazz, and I had classical training as well, so I was a bit of a misfit."

Fool rocks more than Jackson has on his recent projects -- but retains a melodic nature and a few jazzy overtones. He's posted the preview single "Fabulously Absolute" on YouTube.

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