100 Fans Attempt 43-Yard Field Goal

Over the weekend, the NFL playoffs narrowed the field of teams down to four, but people are still talking about -- and stunned by -- the missed field goal by kicker Cody Parkey, which ended the Chicago Bears’ season last weekend.

Because heartbroken Bears fans were banging on Cody Parkey all last week, the Goose Island Beer Company wanted to prove a point -- that his double-doink miss was a lot more difficult than anyone could really understand.

So, they invited people to show up at their brewery and attempt a 43-yard kick. Anyone who made the kick would get an all-expenses-paid trip to an NFL game of a winner’s choice. The organizers let 100 people kick and thought 10 people would make it. After everyone took their shot, nobody made the kick. Zero. Nada. None.

For hours, former soccer players, out-of-shape middle-aged guys and superfans missed and slipped and failed.

The owners of the brewery proved their point. But, that doesn’t make Bears fans feel any better about getting bounced from the playoffs. (Yahoo Sports)

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