Formerly Homeless Man Helps Shelter Who Helped His Dog

shelter dog

Back in 2014, 58-year-old Pete Buchmann was homeless and couldn’t care for his dog, Buster. So, he put Buster in an animal shelter so the dog would be safe and cared for. And then, he visited regularly, volunteering and staying in Buster’s life.

When Buster passed away because of cancer, the shelter invited Pete to watch over another dog named Matteo who needed extra care and attention. He took Matteo on walks and trained him as well as he could.

Then, things started improving for Pete. He was able to find a job, a vehicle and an apartment. He was also able to adopt Matteo, giving the dog a forever home.

Things are now rolling for Pete and Matteo. And, in honor of his friend Buster, Pete continues to volunteer at the shelter, making frequent visits and donations. (Delaware News Journal)

Locally, you can help find a furry friend a home too, like Macy.  Hopefully with you!  Thank you.

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