SCORPIONS: New Album in the Works

The Scorpions will start recording a new album this year, their first completely new studio effort with former Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee .

Guitarist Rudolf Schenker says , "Why we have this idea of recording a new album is because Mikkey became, let's say, a great force for the Scorpions. When we were fighting for a change and [trying to] get us back on track with the band, and it didn't work, we found Mikkey. Mikkey just fits perfectly into the chemistry of the Scorpions. Plus, he is a very creative person. That means we have now the chance to make an album that is special and fresh...

"We already found a producer to record with. A famous and well-known personality… No, I'm not gonna say who he is… But we are all very excited to produce a new, historic rock 'n' roll album."

This will be their first studio album of new or unreleased material since 2015's Return to Forever .

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