THE WHO: Start Recording New Album on Saturday

Recording for the new album from The Who is underway, ahead of their Moving On tour, which starts on May 7th in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Pete Townshend writes on the band's website : "[I] started on my barge studio with Myles Clarke who is my assistant co-producer on the developing Who album. We are preparing computer sessions ready for starting work in London on Saturday..."

Among the possible songs are "In Your Corner," which was written by Townshend's wife, Rachel Fuller . Another one he says is about "a fabulous girl from the past. It’s a Spanish-style song and I invited Gordon Giltrap to come and play on the track."

Townshend has also met with British artist Peter Blake , who designed the album cover for The Beatles ' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band .

"We are old friends," says Townshend, "going back to 1964 when we met on the set of the Ready Steady Go! TV show... It was great to see the amazing collection of art and sculptures he has. It’s colorful, exciting and stimulating..."

"By the way, with the help of a friend from Texas who will remain nameless, but for the fact that he has a website ... gave us an idea for a name for the album. Quite simply WHO . Might take us right back to the beginning, who knows."

Universal hopes they will have the album done in time for release in June, but the band has made no guarantees. Their last studio album was Endless Wire in 2006.

On Tuesday, Townshend attended a dinner in London celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Quadrophenia movie. Many members of the cast, including Phil Daniels and Sting , were on hand.

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