Millennial's have a higher risk for OBESITY - I'm not shocked at all

Millennial's have a higher risk for obesity...That headline did NOT surprise me at all. I know why...this generation feels entitled, they don't like to work, and playing video games is on the top of their "what's important list"

Currently, One Third of our young people are overweight...if this trend continues, that percentage moves to 50% fairly quickly.

Don't get me wrong, not EVERY Millennial fits the description above, but you can't ignore the stats.

I told all of our children growing up (we have 5) If you work hard and put forth your best effort, you'll have the advantage over the majority of people your age.

Here's the REAL scary part...these Millennial's will be responsible taking care of their parents when they get older.

So come on Millennial's...make your generation proud!

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