A Blind Wrestler Won the State Championship in Alabama

A high school wrestler in Alabama won the state championship on Sunday even though he's legally blind. Afterward, he said that if you just believe in yourself, you can do anything.

FULL STORY: This past Sunday, a high school wrestler in Alabama named Jay Spencer won the state championship in his weight class. And he's the first person from his school to ever do it.

But the really impressive part is he's been legally BLIND since he was three years old.

He has a rare inherited condition calledLeber congenital amaurosis. He can see a little bit when he looks out the corner of his eye. But that's about it.

He says wrestling is actually the easiest sport he's tried, because it's more about feel than anything else. But not being able to see is still a big disadvantage.

He wrestled in 37 matches this season and won all but two of them

After his state championship win on Sunday, he told people to never doubt themselves. And if you just keep believing in yourself, you can do anything. 

(USA Today/AL.com)

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