Dog, Human and Tortoise All Stuck In A Tunnel

In Fontana, California, firefighters were called to rescue a dog stuck in a tunnel, but got more than they bargained for when they realized a tortoise was also involved.

The firefighters were able to rescue the German shepherd, named Taylor, from the tunnel. And it didn’t take long to realize that the tunnel had actually been dug by a 70-pound tortoise named Godzilla, who was also trapped.

“As crews arrived they found a tunnel that had been dug by the tortoise. This habitat traveled underneath a block wall, into a neighbor’s property, underneath a concrete patio and ultimately another walkway,” according to the fire department.

The critters got stuck after the dog appeared to have “brought a blanket into the tunnel,” leaving them "wedged and entangled,” officials said.

The story is hilarious, and thankfully has a happy ending. Get the full boogie here.

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