THE WHO: Roger Daltrey Is Alright at 75

Roger Daltrey celebrates a milestone birthday today (Friday) as he blows out 75 candles on his birthday cake.

Just last week, aboard the Rock Legends Cruise, Roger was asked to name the three things he is most proud of:

"My family. Secondly obviously The Who. And thirdly my work for adolescent and young adult cancer. It is what my main, main drive [is] in life now for what life I've got left. We've got 30 hospitals in England [and] in America, I will have by the end of this year -- and we've only been going for eight years, Teen Cancer America -- I will have 30 hospitals with the program."

That program is to provide patients in hospitals with a surrounding geared towards their age group.

Daltrey has been spending his birthday week working onThe Who's next album.

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