BRIAN MAY: Post-Oscars Report

Prior to the official announcement that Queen + Adam Lambert would open last month's Academy Awards, Brian May told us he'd have to wait until after the show to discuss it.

Well, that day as come as May has taken to his website. But he isn't thrilled with how everything went down. "I was, and I am, deeply grateful for our Freddie film (Bohemian Rhapsody) being recognized in a way we never had the audacity to expect. But I found the public activity behind the whole awards season, and the behavior of the media writers surrounding it, deeply disturbing. If you look at the press and Internet discussions that took place over the last few months, you can see that 90 percent of it is aimed at discrediting one or other, or all of the nominated films by innuendo and smears, rather than discussing their merits and admiring the skills that went into making them... It’s not the fault of the awards panels -- they stood up well."

May adds that his feeling persisted until he read a "VERY well thought and well written article in the Spectator. Brave, truthful -- and now I don’t have to explain. It’s all here." That article says, "If you haven’t seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet, ignore the critics and take yourself off to the cinema. You’re in for a treat."

Bo Rhap won four Oscars, including Best Actor honors for Rami Malek as Mercury.

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