BEATLES: New Book Focuses on Decline

A upcoming book focuses on the decline of Apple Records and a summer movie imagines a world where only one man remembersThe Beatles.

Ken McNab's book And In The End: The Last Days Of The Beatles looks at how Apple Records unraveled 50 years ago. In excerpts published in the Daily Mail, the author blames a "drug-addled"John Lennon.

"Strung out on heroin so he behaved like most junkies – manipulative, self-centered, in pain," while "the highly competitive Beatles were furious to discover that The Rolling Stones were making more money than they were, despite selling fewer records." (Daily Mail)

Yesterday, director Danny Boyle's fantasy-comedy built around the music of The Beatles, premieres June 28th in the U.K. and September 13th in the U.S. British TV star Himesh Patel, plays a struggling musician in a world where no one remembers The Beatles, and begins passing off the Lennon-McCartney songbook as his own creation. (London's Express)

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