THE WHO: New Album Moves to New Studio

The Who have moved the sessions for their new album from Mark Knopfler's British Grove Studios in London to Metropolis studios, also in London.

Like he did for the first seven days of recording, Pete Townshend has posted a recap of day eight of recording on the band's website. He says, "Metropolis is quite different to British Grove, a great studio to work in, plenty of space, and it’s good to have a change. We have some orchestral recording to schedule, hopefully at the amazing Air Lyndhurst in London, and we may well pick up some more days at British Grove at some point."

But not everyone is there. "While I work in London, putting tracks together, and adding bits and pieces,Roger[Daltrey] is working on his vocals -- ready for critical recording soon -- somewhere in Kent at a wonderful studio... I am also doing work on a couple of new songs that we may include."

But scheduling is tight. "We spoke about the tenuous reality of getting 10 to 12 tracks finished and mixed for a complete album delivery before May... If we don’t make this deadline, the album could easily slip into 2020 because the tour dates are filling up the year. So we are trying to be as focused as possible, but still have fun in the studio."

The Who's Moving On tour starts May 7th in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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