LOU GRAMM: Recording With or Without Foreigner

Lou Gramm may have given Mick Jones some leftover Foreigner demos with an eye toward them working together, but he's not waiting for their schedules to align. He tells RockBandReviews.comthat he will put out new music this year. Only it's not that new.

"I'm working on some things now that were extra songs on my solo albums. If there's 10 songs on the album, you usually record 13 and pick the best 10, or the 10 that are finished. So the other three have been siting around for 25, 30 years, and I went back recently and listened to them, and they sounded so good that I finished them. Starting in about two months, maybe three months, I'm gonna be releasing three songs on downloads and see how that works out. So those songs will be heard for the first time. And then in another three or four months, there's gonna be three more new songs released. So that could be going on for six or eight months, and we'll see what happens."

Gramm is also mulling over a greatest hits collection of his solo material.



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