STRAY CATS: Excited About Their 40th

The Stray Cats seem genuinely excited about their 2019 reunion.

After announcing their first new music in over 25 years, plus summer tour dates in Europe and the U.S., the three rockabilly revivalists reflect on adding to their roots music legacy.

  • Brian Setzer says, "You have to understand how unique The Stray Cats are. It's me playing an old hollow body guitar,Slim Jim playing two or three drums, and Lee Rocker slapping a stand-up acoustic bass. I get to write new songs and then play them with my buddies. Somehow we created a new and exciting sound with this simple idea. And you know what? A lot of people agree!"
  • Lee Rocker: "This new album really feels like the first record we did, it's really natural and comfortable. For the recording, we went live -- like doing a gig, we recorded in a real, organic way. We were all in one room standing next to each other recording live, with the amps turned up to 10, it captured the undefinable things that happen when a band is great, it captured the magic that takes place and an undefined spark."
  • Slim Jim Phantom: "We're very, very focused when we get into the studio, it didn't feel like a long time had passed since we had done this, it felt very natural and familiar. We were all in a row with everyone watching each other, so it felt like a gig in the set-up. We really embraced that a little bit for the album, it's like an old way of making records. The modern is meeting the vintage, which has always been our inspiration."

The Stray Cats have just posted a "making of the album" video on YouTube, and here.

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