DAVID GILMOUR: A Mixer for Jimi

David Gilmour reveals an interesting connection he has to Jimi Hendrix in a new interview with Progmagazine.

Gilmour says he got drafted into mixing Hendrix's sound when the guitar legend played the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970. He attended the festival as a fan, even though he'd been in Pink Floyd for a couple years at that point.

He explains, "I was camping in a tent, just being a punter, and I went backstage where our main roadie guy, Peter Watts, was trying to deal with all the mayhem, with Charlie Watkins of WEM Audiomasters, and they were very nervous, they were going to have to mix Hendrix’s sound. I did some mixing stuff in those days and they said 'Help! Help!' so I did."

  • I wonder if Hendrix noticed that his guitar sounded better. haha

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