LED ZEPPELIN: Documentary on Japanese Page Impersonator

Mr. Jimmy, a documentary that premiered at South by Southwest this week, tells the story of a Japanese Jimmy Page fanatic who has been been painstakingly recreating Led Zeppelin concerts in small Tokyo clubs for the past 30 years.

Akio Sakurai, who idolizes Page, learned to play, act and dress like him. He eventually tookMr. Jimmyas his stage name. A story in Varietynotes that Page actually attended one of his shows, which "changed [Sakurai's] life forever."

A review in Glide Magazinecalls the film "an astounding look at the nature of obsession, the magic of Led Zeppelin and the sheer force of musical fandom. We watch as Sakurai transforms into Jimmy Page himself, pulling the same sounds, the same timbres, the same feeling from the guitar as his musical idol. Mr. Jimmy is as much a story of Sakurai’s obsession as it is a love letter to Page and an exploration of music and the nature of talent."

  • Now I'm totally curious about what happened with he and Page met.

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