How About A Green Hybrid this St. Patty's

Ford has a hybrid Mustang in the works, but you’ll be able to buy a very green one before it arrives.

Ford chose St. Patrick’s Day weekend to announce the new shade, which can be applied to any Mustang trim, including the top of the morning...uh, line GT500.

Ford color and materials manager Barb Whalen described it as “lime green on steroids.”

The 2020 Mustang will be available with a Grabber Lime paint option inspired by a color first used in 1971.

The GT500 is pretty juiced, too. It's scheduled to go on sale this fall with "over" 700 hp and an available track package that features a rear wing which can generate 500 pounds of downforce at the car's electronically restricted top speed of 180 mph.

Get the full story and a video here.

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