THE WHO: Join Together

Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey finally came together in London this week for interviews and photos in support of theirMovin' Ontour, which starts in the U.S. on May 7th in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Townshend writes on theThe Who's website, "It was good to spend some time together even if we were working. I’m not sure that we do all that well when we do interviews together -- we have different ways of approaching the process -- but we did our best to agree to disagree on very few things and surprisingly ended up agreeing on 99 percent of everything. Isn’t it amazing what 55 years of working together can achieve?"

Pete says they're coming along with the new album despite working in separate studios. "Roger is very positive about the new songs we are working on for the forthcoming album. He has been doing sketch vocals, getting used to the songs and finding his own place, and his own way into the stories. I’m about to listen to more work Roger has been doing in the studio on vocals, and I know he will surprise me and delight me as always. Until Roger sings one of my songs, it isn’t really a 'Who' song, and the magic is starting to happen."

Pete adds that they've completed upwards of 12 backing tracks with Daltrey doing the sketch vocals to one of them. Daltrey will head back into the studio on Monday, and the band plans to finish recording in April.

It will be The Who's first studio album since Endless Wirein 2006.

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