ROGER DALTREY: Apologizes for F-Bomb

Last week, while Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend spoke to the press conference at London’s Wembley Stadium ahead of The Who show there on July 6th, they were asked about Brexit, which didn’t go over well with Daltrey, prompting him to use curse words.

While Daltrey is proud that profanity is part of his language, he felt bad and Sunday he issued astatement: “In the interview which Pete and I did with Sky News last Wednesday at Wembley Stadium, we ended the interview with me unfortunately using the f-word when discussing Brexit for which I wholeheartedly apologize.”

A few years back, Daltrey said the British are comfortable with profanity, where Americans are not:

"Profanity is part of our language and we're proud of it. Unlike you anal Americans which try to pretend that boobs, bum and profanity doesn't exist. It's very sad."

Daltrey will continue to work on vocals for the new Who album while Townshend goes on vacation for two weeks.

"The timing isn’t great,"saysTownshend. "I don’t want to travel with so much distance to be covered in the coming year, and the weather isn’t looking very promising here in the U.K. in March, but I need to close down my brain for a while. I feel happy about the way the album is unfolding, and Roger’s sketch vocals are really exciting to hear. It’s coming together, and I think should sound great when it’s finished. I am also looking forward to the rehearsals and the first leg of the tour in the U.S. I am going to do some walking, stretching, reading and hanging out with [my wife] Rachel and our dogs, and do a bit of guitar practice. Nice. Groovy. Cool..."

Sessions for the new album, along with tour rehearsals will start in April. The Movin On tour starts on May 7th in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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