Queen's Music for World Down Syndrome Day

Queen songs are once again part of videos that tug at the heart strings.

This Thursday is World Down Syndrome Day and "Don't Stop Me Now" is featured in a video starring 50 folks with Down Syndrome in an effort to show that they enjoy life just like anyone else.

Brian May got the message, as he writes on his website, "If this doesn’t bring a tear or two ... Watch at your peril!"

"Bohemian Rhapsody" is also blowing up again thanks to a video performance by six-year old Avett Ray, who is visually impaired.

And Brian May has provided the music to a NASA New Horizons short film - the complete Ultima Thule Flyby in one minute. This follows the release in January of his first song since 1998, "New Horizons," a joint project with NASA as the New Horizons probe reached the edge of the solar system.

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