BURTON CUMMINGS: No Time for Loud Music

immy Page isn't the only musician upset with his neighbors.

Burton Cummings is embroiled in a dispute with a neighbor over the music being too loud -- but it's not the former Guess Who singer who has the stereo cranked.

Cummings is upset with Dance Fitness With Kyra, which is next to the building he lives in in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He says the music being played during classes is too loud and he wants it turned down.

Kyra Klassen, who owns the studio,says Cummings has come into the facility to complain, has called the police several times, and has gone before the city council to try to get a zoning bylaw changed. Since then, a motion was unanimously approved to prepare a report re-evaluating how business licences are issued in areas of the city’s commercial district where there are also residential properties.

Kyra says she has tried to meet with Cummings to come to a compromise, but he refuses to meet with her. “I’m trying to co-exist and operate and run a business while being next to him. It’s kind of become an ongoing issue that’s escalated quickly.”

Cummings has no comment.

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