The best college basketball teams...ranked by their Mascots!

There aren't many casual NCAA fans. You're either really into college hoops . . . or you know virtually NOTHING about it. And yet, EVERYONE wants to fill out a last-minute March Madness bracket.

So,"USA Today"has a suggestion for all the neophytes: Choose winners based on the awesomeness of their . . . MASCOTS. They ranked the mascots of all 68 teams in the tournament, and here are the Top 10:

1. The Bradley Braves

2. The Northern Kentucky Norse

3. The Arizona State Sun Devils

4. The Iona Gaels

5. The St. Mary's Gaels

6. The Michigan State Spartans

7. The UC Irvine Anteaters

8. The UCF Knights

9. The Utah State Aggies

10. The North Carolina Tar Heels

The BOTTOM FOUR are part of a five-way tie:

65 - 68. The Villanova Wildcats. . . the Kansas State Wildcats. . . the Kentucky Wildcats. . . and the Abilene Christian Wildcats.

(Hit upUSAToday.comfor the complete list.)

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