THE CARS: Mile Marker 70 -- Or Not

Ric Ocasek, who was the main singer, guitarist and primary songwriter of The Cars, will celebrate his birthday tomorrow. Only we're not sure how old he will be -- depending on what source you believe, he will be 70, 75 or 76.

Since his rise to fame with The Cars in the late '70s, Ocasek has always appeared older than he is. Not known for his looks, he turned many heads in the mid-'80s when supermodel Paulina Porizkova became his girlfriend and third wife after she was featured in the band's video for "Drive." They separated in 2017.

"When the band first started, Ben [Orr] was supposed to be the lead singer and I was supposed to be the good looking guy in the band. But after a couple of gigs I kind of got demoted to the songwriter so I went with that one."

In addition to The Cars, Ocasek is also a producer, most noted for his work with Weezer, and a fine artist. He has also released seven solo albums and published a 2012 book called Lyrics and Prose.

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