Randy Bachman Documentary Out Today (Tue)

The Randy Bachman documentary, simply titled Bachman, is out today (Tuesday) on DVD, iTunes, Prime Video and Google Play.

"All my life I've had people calling me saying, 'We're doing a book on you.' 'What? How can you do a book on me? You haven't spoke to me.' So I try to shut it down because I don't know what they're doing. So I heard there was a documentary being shot on me, and then when I got offered to do a real one with John Barnard, whose from Winnipeg who knows my history, I went along with John Barnard and gave him a list of people and he talked to family and friends. But he wouldn't let me see what he was doing or who was saying what until it was all done."

Bachman has yet to see the final cut, which clocks in at 78 minutes. It features rarely seen footage and photos, along with interviews with his brotherGary, daughterLoreleiand sonTal,BTO'sFred Turner, childhood friend Neil Young, Paul Schaffer, Peter Frampton and Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson.

Bachman comes out at a time when films and documentaries on classic rock acts are flooding the market, which is something that concerned Randy:

"I kept saying, 'Who cares about me and who cares about seeing what I've done?' And they said, 'Well never mind, you got fans out there.' And then you don't look at the competition. I mean I'm on the road touring now. Am I gonna stay home because Aerosmith's back on the road or Lynyrd Skynyrd? You just go out and do your thing and you got to stomp these guys. It's a bar fight."

Bachman just wrapped up a run of dates with Lynyrd Skynyrd in Canada and he'll resume touring in June.

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