Volunteer Firefighter Swoops In To Save the Concert

A volunteer firefighter in Texas has gone viral for an incredible act of kindness that had nothing to do with fighting fires.

Thomas Harwell was attending a Brad Paisleyconcert in Houston with his wife, Shayla, when he noticed an elderly woman carefully walking down the steps and struggling to get to her seat.

So Thomas stood up, walked over to her and helped her to her seat. But he wasn't done. 

After the concert ended, Thomas noticed the woman was too tired to make the trek back up the stairs to the exit, so he swooped her up into his arms and carried her up the steps.

Shayla shared a photo on Facebook, which has gone viral. She later said the woman was very appreciative and flashed a huge smile.

Thomas has not been very comfortable with all of the attention. He says, "If you’re alive and breathing, you shouldn’t need an excuse to help someone else. If they need help, help them.” 

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