2019 ROCK HALL PREVIEW: Roxy Music

Like Stevie Nicks and Def Leppard, Roxy Music are also going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Friday night on their first nomination, despite being eligible for nomination since 1997.

Formed by singer Bryan Ferry in 1970, they were known as a glam band with a bit of sophistication, while also being an influence on the punk and new wave movements.

Phil Manzanera on one of the influences of Roxy Music:

"We always said that, you know you didn't have to be technically the best players in the world if you knew a couple of chords and you wrote something that had some resonance with people and had a lot of energy you could be successful in the rock and roll business. I think that was, you know, the most important thing that's passed on to punk generation, just to aspiring young musicians. That you just need a lot of enthusiasm, a good idea and present it in an attractive fashion and you to can join in."

There was also another side of Roxy that was influential, and that was their look.

Phil Manzanera on one of the non-musical influences of Roxy Music:

"Culturally, also, it was a time when we sort of helped people who were gender fluid as well, you know. In that sense I guess we were a bit ahead of our time with the imagery and stuff like that. So it gave them permission to go out and be wacky and wild."

Manzanera will attend and perform at the ceremony tomorrow (Friday) night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York along with Ferry and Andy Mackay. Brian Eno and Paul Thompson are unable to attend due to previous commitments.

Joining Roxy in the Class of 2019 are The Zombies, Def Leppard,The Cure, Radiohead, Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks. Highlights will air on HBO on April 27th.

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