Keith Richards 30th Anniversary Re-Issue

Keith Richards marks the 30th anniversary of his first solo album,Talk Is Cheap, with a reissue today (Friday) in numerous configurations.

The album came together during downtime with The Rolling Stones during a period of substantial tension between him and Mick Jagger. It turned out to be an eye-opening experience.

Keith Richards on a lesson learned while writing songs for his first solo album,Talk Is Cheap:

"As I went through it, the process of making the record, I realized I could write songs ... because you've got to realize up until that point I wrote songs specifically for Mick Jagger to sing. And I wrote within his range, within his concepts and abilities. And I realized I had other songs in me that were right sometime outside of his area and that is what I found out as I was doing this record."

The reissue adds six previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded with former Stones guitarist Mick Taylor, Bootsy Collins and the late pianist Johnnie Johnson.

The super-deluxe edition, priced over $150, is a six-disc set wrapped in a replica of the fabric Fender used to wrap guitar cases in. The six discs are:

  • RemasteredTalk Is Cheapon vinyl
  • Unreleased bonus tracks on vinyl
  • RemasteredTalk Is Cheapon CD
  • Unreleased bonus tracks on CD
  • Seven-inch single of "Take It So Hard" b/w "I Could Have Stood You Up"
  • Seven-inch single of "No Mistake" b/w "It Means a Lot"

It also contains an 80-page hardcover book with an essay featuring a new interview with Keith, photos, tour laminates, lyric sheets, a reproduction of theTalk Is Cheapplayback invite, a guitar pick and two posters.

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