Dave Davies Upset He's Not On "Play It Loud" Exhibit

Dave Davies says he's “appalled” at not being asked to donate a guitar or amplifier to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art for its Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock & Rollexhibit.

Dave says, "I invented the heavy power chord distorted LOUD guitar on ‘You Really Got Me.’ Me and [my brother]Ray,The Kinks created the first heavy guitar record in 'You Really Got Me' - haven’t the curators heard of the Kinks? ... My guitar sound inspired heavy metal - not loud enough for you Met? ... We have been in touch with the Rock Hall regarding this grave oversight "

The exhibit features instruments from Jimmy Page, Bruce Springsteen, Clarence Clemons, Don Felder, Steve Miller, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Metallica, Jerry Garcia,The Who,The Rolling Stones,Eddie Van Halen, Keith Emerson, Chuck Berry and others.

Play It Loud, staged in conjunction with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, opens Monday and runs through October 1st.

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