AEROSMITH: Start Rolling the Dice This Weekend

Aerosmith begin their first of four Deuces Wildresidencies this year in Las Vegas tomorrow (Saturday) night at MGM's Park Theater.

Joe Perry on Aerosmith's Deuces Wild residency, which starts this Saturday night:

"We were scheduled to do it almost a year ago and there wasn’t enough time to do the production the way we wanted. So, betweenSteven’s knee [surgery] and that business, it just all worked out for the best. So, we're kind of like staying out of the States 'cause our 50th anniversary is coming up too. So, this residency is gonna kind of roll that out and then we’ll be able to do a run in Europe, do a run in South America, come back to the States, do some more in Vegas. And so it’s gonna start picking up."

This first run of dates has them doing nine shows through April 26th. This will be followed by nine more shows from June 19th to July 9th; eight from September 21st until October 8th; and then nine more from November 14th to December 4th.

They also have mini-residencies set for National Harbor, Maryland, Atlantic City, New Jersey and Springfield, Massachusetts in August, along with a handful two one-off shows in Minnesota and Canada.

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