MICK JAGGER: Brother Weighs In

Mick Jagger's younger brother,Chris Jagger, has weighed in on Mick's recent heart valve operation.

The 71-year-old singer and actor tells the Sunday Peoplesection of the British tabloid The Mirror that he has spoken to Mick and that he's "doing OK... He’s good. It just showed up on a scan, so it could happen to anybody."

Referencing Clash frontman Joe Strummer, who was just 50 when he died from the same condition, Chris says, “It happened to Joe. He came back from walking the dogs and his wife found him collapsed on the sofa. He had this valve problem. His father died from it. It was hereditary. With Mick it came on a check-up... That is why when you get to a certain age they want to check for this, check for that. You get to 70, you got to be careful, you know."

He adds that he's also "had a few health issues" and that maybe the operation will cause Mick to "slow down. Touring is a pressure.”

Although they postponed their U.S. tour, the Stones are expected to make up those dates later in the year.

  • In case you're wondering, Chris Jagger is still at it, too. He and his band played the King Arthur pub in Glastonbury, England on Saturday.

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