7-11 Owner Confronts Shoplifter Then Feeds Him

The owner of a 7-Eleven in Toledo, Ohio, recently took a different approach to dealing with a shoplifter. 

Jitendra “Jay” Singh watched on a surveillance monitor as a teenager placed items inside his pockets. He then confronted the teen and asked why he was stealing.

The boy replied, "I’m stealing for myself. I’m hungry, and I’m doing it for my younger brother." It wasn't what Singh had expected, and he did something even more unexpected for the kid.

Singh told him he wouldn't be pressing charges and then allowed him to take pizzas, sandwiches and other food free of charge. 

Singh said, "It’s not going to make any difference to me if I give him some food because we make a lot of food, we sell a lot of food. If he goes to jail then he’s definitely not going to do anything good in life.” (People)

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