Alan Parsons Has A Foreigner On His New Album

Original Foreigner singer Lou Gramm is featured on The Secret, the new album by Alan Parsons. He sings the song "Sometimes."

Alan Parsons on having Lou Gramm on his new album,The Secret:

"We did it at a distance. He was in New York, I was at my studio in Santa Barbara. But the Internet makes these things possible these days to actually record pretty much live at a distance like that. [It's] always nice to have the personal contact, but when the guy's actually singing it's a personal thing. You are treating the microphone as the world and that can be kind of anywhere anyplace."

The Secret, which also features a contribution from Jason Mraz, will be out on April 26th. Parsons wraps up his North American tour tonight (Monday) in Calgary and tomorrow (Tuesday) in Edmonton. 

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