Throwback Thursday: DARK SHADOWS Documentary

Dark Shadows, the 1960s TV cult favorite that infused the daytime soap opera format with vampires and gothic style, is now the subject of a documentary.

Out Tuesday on DVD and digital platforms,Master of Dark Shadows looks back on the series and its creator, Dan Curtis, with video from episodes and interviews with many of the cast members. 

Lara Parker, who played Angelique, says the show "tried things that were not done on TV [at that time]. We had special effects, smoke and chroma-key, where you could appear and disappear. We tried a little of everything -- we were exploring an area that you had not seen. You hadn't seen ghosts [on daytime TV] and werewolves and people that rose from the dead; wonderful makeup and costumes and... graveyards!"

Lara Parker on why Dark Shadows deserves a documentary:

"It's called Master of Dark Shadows. The master, of course, was Dan Curtis, who was the producer and originator of the show. There still has never been a show like it; they've tried to make horror movies and horror TV shows, but Dark Shadows was truly an original. And it still has heaps and loads of fans."

Lara Parker on the documentary's release date and special features:

"The film will be available on April 16th, on iTunes and digital platforms and also on DVD. It's filled with wonderful footage with the original shows. Most of the actors who were on the show -- Jonathan Frid, of course, died a few years ago -- but Katherine Lee Scott, David Selby, John Carlin, Nancy Barrett, all of the people who created those marvelous characters. "

Lara Parker on the enduring popularity of Dark Shadows:

"It was shown all over the world; it spawned a sequel; they tried to re-do it, twice. And they also made two films -- and then Tim Burton made a film. I mean, it's continued to inspire people. And I think it's because it was really an original concept. Well, people who were big fans, they form a group and they're all still around. This is the amazing thing -- they love the show, they follow it on Facebook. They talk to each other. We have conventions every year."

Parker and several other Dark Shadows cast members will be on hand Saturday afternoon at the Paley Center in New York for a screening.

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